«We couldn't do this without our parents, guardians, and community being involved. Thank you for all you do for us!»

We need you

If you’re passionate about volunteering your time or talent, we host multiple events throughout the year and would love to have you join our volunteer crew.

We have volunteer opportunities for all levels of involvement, from general volunteers to Board and Chair Members. See below to review the list of open 2023-2024 Board and Chair roles and the position descriptions.

No matter your level of interest, please complete the volunteer survey below to get started! We will reach out via email within 48 hours.

Current Sign Ups

Stock the Lounge - Fri., March 24

Let’s stock the lounge! Help us show our amazing Village Elementary staff some love and appreciation. Sign up to bring in baked goods, snacks and drinks to enjoy.

Please drop off all items by the end of the school day on Thursday, March 23. 

Jog-A-Thon, April 19th

We are looking for your help to make this year’s jog-a-thon a success! Please complete our volunteer interest form and indicate that you’re interested in being a jog-a-thon volunteer. Volunteers are needed at Jog-A-Thon to help set up, direct students, hand out water and snacks, cheer on students, and more!


Board Member

The Village PTO President is responsible for leading the organization to best serve Village Elementary. The president will meet regularly with the Principal, CUSD administration, and will lead monthly PTO meetings for the Village PTO. The president will be an ex-officio member of all committees except the nominating committee.

Web Designer/ Developer

The Village PTO Web Designer/ Developer will maintain the existing PTO website, including content development and updates, creating basic layouts, and performing routine maintenance.  Requires proficiency in WordPress.


Board Member

The Village PTO Secretary is responsible for taking notes at all meetings (Board meetings and General Meetings). She/He will also be the CUSD point of contact of making reservations for spaces that we need to reserve for meetings, events, or programs. The Village PTO Secretary will publish the notes to the membership in a timely manner following General Meetings. The Secretary will create and send the communications of PTO to the membership.

Room Parent Coordinator

The Village PTO Room Parent Coordinator will act under the Secretary to enhance communication to Room Parents. This person will be an advisor/coach to the Room Parents to assist them with their duties as room parents.

Fundraising Chair

The Village PTO Fundraising Chair works with school volunteers, parents, staff and community members to oversee all fundraising activities for the PTO. The Chair will develop a fundraising plan to support the budget of Village PTO. Events may include: Fall Membership Drive, Fall Fundraiser, Jogathon Fundraiser, Auctions, Sponsorship, Amazon Smile, BoxTops for Education, Local Business Shopping Experiences. Chair will develop and manage sponsorship and procurement and work closely with school administration to plan key fundraising dates.

Staff Hospitality

The Village PTO Staff Hospitality Chair will be responsible for planning and executing ways to celebrate and recognize the Staff at Village. This person will be responsible for managing the budget designated for this committee and will report finances to the Treasurer. This person will work closely with the Teacher/Staff Liaison to plan appropriately, with the Room Parent Coordinator to communicate to parents and with his/her team to execute the celebrations. Examples of events include: Luncheon to welcome staff back to school, a Luncheon for all school staff during teacher appreciation week, and other celebrations/recognitions during the school year.

Volunteer Coordinator

The Village PTO Volunteer Coordinator collaborates with key members of the PTO to coordinate volunteer assignments as needed.

Jogathon Chair

The Jog-A-Thon is the largest fundraiser for the school and one of the kids favorite days!! The event typically raises $30-40K per year. Tasks: Set a date, recruit sponsors, design a shirt, organize information packets, acquire prizes, promote the event, get volunteers to help run the event, send thank you notes to volunteers and sponsors, manage intake of donations and shirt orders.

Family Movie Night Chair

The Chair of Family Movie Nights will facilitate movie nights throughout the year for our Village community. Village PTO has purchased the movie equipment and we need someone to take charge, select movies to show, reserve the space, set up the equipment and coordinate food vendors.

Anchored4Life Advisor

Anchored4Life (A4L), a student-run group at Village Elementary School, is looking for new Advisors to work with student Team Leaders! A4L is a peer-to-peer program, open to ALL students, sponsored by the military aimed at helping students welcome and support each other through transitions such as deployments and moves. Achored4Life is designed to create opportunities for youth to acquire and practice valuable life skills, increase self-esteem and positive communication, plus integrate empathy and integrity into daily activities. The program is supported by the Military and Family Life Counselors, School Liaison and Principal. Volunteer Advisers are asked to attend an annual training and meet with the 8 Student Team Leaders once a month. A4L is a simple, fun, and meaningful way to make a powerful impact in the lives of students! Program Info: https://anchored4life.com To Volunteer: Dr. Heidi Bergener, Principal: [email protected] or Mindy Hayes, School Liaison: [email protected]