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The Parent Teacher Organization at Coronado Village Elementary School is a registered 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization. All gifts are tax-deductible as allowed by law. We work to encourage interaction between family and school, serves as a source of support, and work with teachers, staff, and the community at large to improve our children’s educational experience. The PTO works very closely with the school administration in all its projects.

Together with Coronado Schools Foundation, we provide resources, volunteers, and fundraising for a number of PTO initiatives, including:

  • Teacher and staff appreciation events
  • Meet the Master’s Art Program
  • Annual match of district funding for the school library
  • Annual 5th-grade graduation celebration
  • Over $3000 annually per grade level for grade level teachers

And much more! We also host family and fundraising events such as Fall Festival, Jog-A-Thon, and movie nights.

Our Mission

The purpose of Village PTO is to foster a sense of support, pride, and enthusiasm within the Village Elementary School community.

We believe that relationships between students, teachers, parents, staff, and the community are a vital influence on the success of our children’s futures.

Through fundraising and family activities, our objective is to promote positive school/ community relationships and support school programs that enhance our children’s
educational environment.

PTO Board

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The Village PTO President is responsible for leading the organization to best serve Village Elementary. The president will meet regularly with the Principal, CUSD administration, and will lead monthly PTO meetings for the Village PTO. The president will be an ex-officio member of all committees except the nominating committee.


Doreen Genmark

The Village PTO Secretary will be responsible for taking notes at all meetings (Board meetings and General Meetings). She/He will also be the CUSD point of contact of making reservations for spaces that we need to reserve for meetings, events, or programs.


Megan Dalo

The Village PTO Treasurer is responsible for tracking and maintaining accurate records for the PTO accounts. He/She will write checks, create a monthly report, and collect all financial reports for all committees.


Brooke Arevalo

The Teacher/Staff Liaison is a staff member at Village Elementary who will represent the staff at PTO meetings. This person will be the go between to survey the staff and find out what needs PTO is best able to meet.

Teacher Liaison

Jennifer Vernallis

The Village PTO Room Parent Coordinator will act under the Secretary to enhance communication to Room Parents. This person will be an advisor/coach to the Room Parents to assist them with their duties as room parents.

Room Parent Coordinator

Kendra Schaefer

The Village PTO Staff Hospitality Chair will be responsible for planning and executing ways to celebrate and recognize the Staff at Village. Examples of events include: Luncheon to welcome staff back to school, a Luncheon for all school staff during teacher appreciation week, and other celebrations/ recognitions during the school year.

Staff Hospitality

Andrea Geraldi

The Konstella website administrator manages the online platform. The administrator is in charge of updating Konstella with S’more announcements and other important information obtained from our PTO and Village ES. The administrator also helps committee chairs input their events and signups to Konstella. This person is responsible for updating the site on a weekly basis.


Kristina Stephenson

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